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After an applied PAN card, I got a token number. What is a token number?

When you apply for a PAN Card, you get a token number, also sometimes called an Acknowledgement Number, or a Coupon Number. Depends on where you apply and who issues you the acknowledgment receipt.

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What are the different forms that are related to PAN Card?

Following are the list of forms that are related to PAN Cards. 

Form 49A

This is the PAN Card application form that is used to apply for a new PAN Card or to...">

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What is the structure or logic behind the PAN Number ?

The PAN (Permanent Account Number) is issued by the Income Tax department of the Government of India. The structure of the PAN number is as follows: 

First five characters are letters, next four numerals, last character letter.


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If a person receives 2 different PAN Cards with different PAN numbers linked with same Aadhaar number, what can he do in such a case? Should he be liable to receive compensation from the government in such a case due to the inconvenience caused?

The following are impossible or extremely rare to occur.

  • An individual applied only once but receives two PAN Cards, both linked to the same Aadhar number
  • An individual applied more than...">
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On my Aadhar card and PAN card, my middle name is not mentioned, and in my 10th marksheet, the middle name is mentioned. Does it affect the application process of a passport?

I hope you have a birth certificate. If your birth certificate has your name, completely and correctly, then that should be helpful.

However, as the other respondent 

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Is there any way to receive a PAN at a new address without a permanent address change?

Yes, you can.

For example, lets assume you live in Delhi. All you are address records are based on this Delhi address. You move to Bangalore, for your new job. You stay at a new address. If you wo...">

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How do I get my PAN card number if I lost and have also forgotten my phone number?

Its not that difficult. This is how you do it.

Visit the income tax website, in the link given below:


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A consultancy firm asking me to mail my pan card it is safe to give my pan card xerox to that consultancy they say I have an interview at delloite as I have applied on delloites's official website?

Your original PAN Card is yours, and need to be produced in person, only for purposes of verification. For interviews, the companies may ask for your PAN number (a copy of your PAN Card) and require that you produce the origi...">

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Does a pan number change if one has to re-apply for another pan card if he lost it, or due to some other problem?

The PAN number is allotted to an individual. Once it is generated and allotted, it is valid for life.

Prior to July 1, 2017, Aadhar was not mandatory. So, there were instances where people had mor...">

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How can I apply for the PAN service centre in my village?

All you need is an internet connection, a printer, a computer. You could start your own PAN Service Centre. Fill in the registration form in the link given below, and you will get your own affiliate account from PAN Services,...">

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What would be the Area code, AO type, Range code & AO No. for the PIN 247661 (for New PAN Application form)?

PIN Code 247661 belongs to Haridwar, Uttarakhand. The AO Code for Haridwar, Uttarakhand is available in the link below:

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How can I find out my PAN card application status as it shows “record not found”?

Record not found - means that you have submitted your PAN Card application either at NSDL or UTI, but your application data is not found in their system. This happens when the TIN Center or PAN Card office have not yet proces...">

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