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What are the required documents for Minor PAN Card?

Since July 1st, 2017, the Govt. of India has revised the guidelines for PAN Application. It is now mandatory to include Aadhar Number along with the PAN Card application. For age proof, a copy of birth certificate or any educational transfer certi...">

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How to apply for a Minor PAN Card?

Applying for a Minor PAN card is the same as any normal PAN Card Application, except for the below mentioned differences.

  • The parent or the gaurdian of the Minor PAN Card applicant has to sign the PAN Card application.
  • The pa...">
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What is a Minor PAN Card ?

A PAN Card that is provided to a minor - an individual who has not completed 18 years of age, is a Minor-PAN-Card. The PAN Card application form is signed by a parent or guardian, whose details have to be included in the Representative Assessee se...">

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Benefits of applying for a Minor-PAN-Card

Listed below are the benefits of applying for a Minor PAN Card

  • Opening a bank account requires a PAN Card, ever since the demonetization initiative.
  • The Minor (Child) is the beneficiary of a scholarship, and any benefits need...">
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Who is a Minor ?

Per Rules and Regulations of the Indian Govt., a minor is an individual who has not completed 18 years of age.

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