How can I find out my PAN card application status as it shows “record not found”?

Record not found - means that you have submitted your PAN Card application either at NSDL or UTI, but your application data is not found in their system. This happens when the TIN Center or PAN Card office have not yet processed your application, because they have not received the physical copy of your PAN Card application or the agent to whom you have given your PAN Card application, has not yet submitted your application to NSDL or UTI.

NSDL has better controls in place when it comes to processing PAN Card applications. Once the application is submitted in their system, the TIN FC / PAN Card office should forward it to them for processing within the next 3 days. Otherwise the TIN FC/PAN Card office gets penalised. To my knowledge, UTI does not seem to have such controls in place. Their processing of PAN Card application is different than NSDL, and cannot be tracked as it is done at NSDL.

Please check with the TIN Centre or PAN Card office if they have forwarded your PAN Card application to their respective offices or the agent to whom you had given your application has actually submitted it.

If you do not find any progress after contacting the TIN FC/PAN Card office then I would suggest that you contact NSDL or UTI office directly, either by phone or in person. You may find it difficult to get them through phone. If phone does not work, you may have to visit them in person for a status check.

To check the status of your PAN Card application, the following link should help:

PAN Card Status