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PAN Services:

Brokerage Free is empanelled with UTIITSL, a government body to serve people for PAN Services as an authorized service center. Since the government approvals and license were provided, the PAN application process remained a manual process. The manual process has noticeable restrictions and inefficiences. We wanted to stream line the process, improve efficiency and make this service be made available to a wider auidence. The efforts and results in that direction is the Online PAN Application Service by Brokerage Free. We strive to provide you the best service, when it comes to getting your PAN cards done.

Brokerage Free

We are a financial Services Company, offering a wide variety of Financial Services. We are empanelled, and an authorized service center for PAN Card services. Besides providing PAN services, we also provide broking services in partnership with Zerodha for trading in Shares, Futures, Options, Currencies and Commodities. We also provide support in getting your insurances done, and to assist you with any of your savings needs through mutual funds. For details, please write to us : info@brokerage-free.in